Located in

St. Petersburg, Florida for 50 years,

the Career & Personal Counseling Center is the resource for clergy.


Our clergy career programs enable you to gain a clearer understanding of the demands and requirements for life in the ministry. Extensive interviews over one to two days in addition to autobiographical and assessment materials enhance your understanding of your skills, personal assets, competencies and vulnerabilities pertinent the work of ordained clergy. From candidates for the ministry to folks with years of experience, our programs help  you focus on the effects of growth and change in their ministry career focus.

As a member of national consortium of centers (*MDC) who are accredited through multi-denominational oversight, we are recommended by most denominations to provide this specialized program for those persons interested in full or part-time work as clergy.

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Why use our resources for clergy?

Five Choices and more:

Ministry Candidate Program

Lay Pastor Program

Career Transitions Program

Enrichment, not Stress Program

Congregational Workshops

*The Ministry Development Council is a National Network of Accredited Centers and Denomination Leaders providing resources for clergy, other church workers, denominational leadership, and local churches since 1969

Some of the religious bodies supporting the Ministry Development Council include: American Baptist Churches (USA), Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), The Episcopal Church USA,Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Unitarian Universalist Association and others.

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