Just for Students


Whether you are in high school, college or already in the job market, you should select our student program.

  1. Learning about interests, talents and personality helps you navigate crucial choices you face after completing high school.

  1. You will identify your personal bridge to the world of work, choice of college major, or specialized training program.

  1. State of the art resources help you learn more about ourself.

  1. Questionnaires, prepared in advance of the program require you to be introspective concerning your school experience, family history and personal accomplishments. The purpose is to enhance our ability to assess your self-awareness about personal issues and orientation to the world of work.

  1. This program helps you understand how your values, interests, abilities, potential and acquired capabilities, as well as personality, fit into an occupation. Upon the completion of the program you will have an enhanced understanding of the demands of the world of work and greater skill at self- evaluation.


Goals for the Program

  1. BulletNavigate crucial life choices

  1. BulletIdentify your bridge to vocation

  1. BulletEnhance your self-knowledge

  1. BulletLearn about career resources

  1. BulletFind your fit in the world of work

  1. BulletPrepare for your vocation

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